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The term “social media” is a concept having roots in the late 1970s with the Usenet and electronic bulletin board systems (BBS). A few other social media synonyms have emerged, but according to Google Trends, none of the primary alternatives are mentioned quite as often by people who love or use social media.

There are three primary social media synonyms. An “online community” refers to individuals or companies connected over one or more interests. A “social platform” concerns the technologies and systems used to connect on the internet. A “social network” maps the connections between people and groups.

Let’s go through each of these synonymous terms and dig deeper into their meaning. We’ve included a reference table of terms from 13 social media companies showing functionally related words along with some social media slang words you should know.

3 Social Media Synonyms + Terminology From 13 Social Networks | Data Overhaulers (1)

LinkedIn as a social media

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LinkedIn as a social media

Synonyms For Social Media With Definitions

Each synonym for “social media” has the same loose definition with subtle differences.

Social media refers specifically to the content shared between users. The types of social media sent between linked accounts includes:

  • Text
  • Photos/Images
  • Videos
  • Audio clips
  • Reactions/Likes
  • Interactive games

This media is electronically shared over an online connection and mostly via a browser or mobile app.

“Social Platform”

A social platform or social media platform is the combination of technologies that allow users to communicate and share media. Everything from the smartphone app and the website to the servers and third-party vendors comprises the social platform.

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As large companies acquire rival or complimentary internet services or companies, they link the data and offerings, expanding their platform. For example, Facebook bought and combined data and capabilities from Whatsapp, Instagram, Oculus, and Onavo to expand its platform of tools.

This video (4m36s@2x) from The Hated One YouTube channel digs deeper into the impetus and goals of Facebook’s growing social platform.

“Online Community”

Before there were online communities, there were just communities—people who were geographically nearby or would gather around certain activities or common goals.

In the internet age, communities expanded past their locality. Members can now communicate and collaborate:

  • without being tied to real-world meeting locations
  • across time zones consuming and producing media asynchronously
  • using a growing number of tools making the experience as good or better than before

Social platform technologies facilitate, record, and maintain the connection of online community participants.

“Social Network”

The term social network is the primary synonym for social media. However, the word “network” refers to the mapping or relationship between two or more accounts, users, companies, etc.

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Social networks also measure the strength of the connection between any two points in the graph or social web through

  • Distance: the number of nodes or hops between two measured points
  • Interactivity: such as likes, shares, comments, and return visits

Social networking is using a social network to get to know and expand your social graph.

As an online community shares social media across a social platform, the way social media users interact with each other alters the social network of connections.

Each company uses different terminology to describe the interaction with their services. The following table gives you the branded jargon or vocabulary for popular social media services.

3 Social Media Synonyms + Terminology From 13 Social Networks | Data Overhaulers (2)

Social Media Terms By Brand [Reference Table]

Digital marketing includes coining new terms or naming tool parts on their social media platform. Companies ensure brand awareness and guide average social media users to engaging with their social networking site.

Ever wonder if dating apps are considered social media platforms? You’ll be shocked that they’re actually more dangerous than most traditional social networking sites.

For example, there are dozens of different terms for a simple social media post. There’s rarely a difference to active users on a social media service.

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The following table gives you a good cross-reference of terminology relating similar words together.

BrandAdded Piece of MediaReaction to MediaAccount ConnectionNotes
MastodonTootFavouriteFollowerFacebook & Twitter alternative
PeertubeVideoLike/DislikeSubscriberYouTube alternative
WriteFreelyPostN/AN/AMedium alternative
DiscourseTopicLikeN/AReddit alternative

Other Words To Describe Social Media From Around The World

While “social media” emerged from English, other cultures have adopted their own words to describe the concept. Here are the basic social media world synonyms in different languages:

  • sociale media: social media in Dutch
  • des médias sociaux: social media in French
  • mtandao wa kijamii: social media in Swahili
  • 社交媒体: social media in Chinese
  • Sozialen Medien: social media in German
  • وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي: : social media in Arabic
  • Sosiale media: social media in Afrikaana
  • 社交媒体: social media in Mandarin
  • redes sociales: social media in Spanish
  • Pradhāna bhāṣā: social media in Bengali
  • mídia social: social media in Portoguese

Other terms used to refer to Social Media in English Include:

  • social communication
  • social media platform
  • social media site
  • social web
  • social networking website
  • social network service
  • interactive media
  • online network
  • social networking service
  • social networking platform

As you use social platforms, you’ll inevitably come across internet terms, slang, or a phrase or two that are unfamiliar. You’ll need some translation.

3 Social Media Synonyms + Terminology From 13 Social Networks | Data Overhaulers (3)

59 Social Media Terms You Should Know

Let’s arm you with a dictionary of commonly-used internet, social media acronyms, and some must-know terms related to different social networks.

41 Actually-Useful Social Media Acronyms

  • afaik: as far as I know
  • ama: ask me anything
  • bbl: be back later
  • brb: be right back
  • btw: by the way
  • cu: see you
  • dm: direct message
  • fb: Facebook
  • ftw: for the win
  • fwiw: for what it’s worth
  • g2g/gtg: got to go
  • gg: good game
  • idk: i don’t know
  • ig: i guess or Instagram
  • ikr: i know, right?
  • imho: in my humble opinion
  • imo: in my opinion
  • irl: in real life
  • jk: just kidding
  • l8r: (see you) later
  • lmk: let me know
  • lol: laughing out loud
  • np: no problem
  • nsfw: not safe for work
  • nvm: never mind
  • omg: oh my gosh
  • omw: on my way
  • OTL: desperation; ASCII art/emoji person on all fours on the floor
  • pm: private message
  • rofl: rolling on floor laughing
  • srs: serious
  • tbh: to be honest
  • tldr: too long didn’t read
  • tmi: too much information
  • ttyl: talk to you later
  • tw: Twitter
  • ty: thank you
  • wfh: working from home
  • yolo: you only live once
  • yt: YouTube
  • yw: you’re welcome

18 Commonly-Used Social Media Related Words and Phrases

The following slang from social media have become popularized and can easily trip up readers if you’re not aware of their meaning

  • Bae: really close friend or mate; babe or before anyone else
  • Epic fail: easily-avoided or overly-complex mistake or event
  • Facepalm: reaction to something obvious or stupid 🤦‍♀️
  • Friendversary: friendship anniversary
  • Here for it: expressing pleasure or support
  • I can’t even: when something causes several emotions or reactions at once
  • Lit: when something exceeds expectation
  • Lurker: someone who browses an online community without interacting
  • Meme: text, image, video copied, modified, and passed around
  • Noob: a newcomer to an online community
  • Noice: more than just nice, excellent
  • On fleek: when something is executed perfectly
  • Photobomb: as a prank, moving quickly into the frame of a photo being taken
  • Pwned: expression of complete victory over an opponent; misspelling of “owned
  • Slay: executed perfectly; “killed it”
  • Spamming: sending a lot of messages to the point of annoyance
  • Trending: when a topic is popular on a social network
  • Troll: a person who deliberately annoys others online

Do some of these terms sound concerning? We’ve listed some of the safest social networks.

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What Is A Person Who Loves Social Media Called?

Imagine someone who is obsessed with social media. They are always updating their status every minute. Whatever they see, the first thing they do is to take a picture and upload it to Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, or Snapchat for others to see.

Besides social media maniac or addict, are there any other words that can be used to describe such people? Let’s have a look at some social media lover synonyms:

  • Ostentatious: Those that need confirmation of existence online
  • Instafamous: Someone who is famous on Instagram
  • Social Media Influencer: A person who has established credibility in a certain industry and has a huge following
  • Social Media Signaller or Attractor: Someone who uses social media heavily to seek attention
  • Appellant, Supplicant, Help-Seeker, Seeker,Requester,Mendicant: Those who use social media regularly to seek help
  • Social Diva, Prima Donna: Someone who uses social media wanting the limelight: from the stage. Can also be referred to as an egoist, hysteric, or peacock
  • Braggart: Those who use social media to brag or show off
  • Twitterholic: An individual who loves using Twitter and spend most of their time on the platform

You could also combine the following words after “social media” to level up the fanaticism: buff, junkie, freak, hophead, addict, binger, crackhead, nutcase. For example “social media junkie” indicates a person who can’t stop using social media.


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