Essential Life Skills (2022)

Self Help Worksheets

There are a number of free and low cost, self help worksheets available. These can be downloaded for free or purchased as PDF documents or a hard copy can be sent to you through the post. Please specify which you would prefer when purchasing. We hope to be able to produce all the worksheets in the form of a book so keep your eyes peeled for more information.

All of the free worksheets are protected by a creative commons license, so they are free to download and distribute non commercially. Please do not remove the footers which credit the original source.

Essential Life Skills (1)
Essential Life Skills Free Worksheets by Katherine Clark are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at

Useful Contacts (UK)

Information and contact details of useful mental health services and helplines, including ones available over the holiday period.

Essential Life Skills (2) Useful Contacts (UK) Plain font 2022.pdf
Size : 68.083 Kb
Type : pdf

Weekly Schedule

Available free of charge and for use to help when planning in structured activities. You may chosse to use these to help you get through a difficult time or you may decide to make these part of your regular routine.

Essential Life Skills (3) Weekly Schedule.pdf
Size : 31.83 Kb
Type : pdf

Monthly Diary Sheets

Six page diary sheets which can be printed and used regardless of the month or year. There is space for adding in appointments, weekly goals and achievements plus a front sheet that includes a monthly to do list and a month overview which can be used to record mood or tick off daily tasks such as taking medication.

Essential Life Skills (4) Diary sheet 1.pdf
Size : 121.537 Kb
Type : pdf

Mood Diaries

Available free of charge and for recording your mood at regular intervals throughout the day. They can be a helpful tool for identifying patterns and triggers and can give the user a clear tool for communicating mood over a given period. They can be a helpful aid when seeking professional support with a mood disorder such as depression.

Essential Life Skills (5) Mood Diaries.pdf
Size : 51.992 Kb
Type : pdf

Mood Wall

Visual tool for measuring mood over a longer period of time. Each brick of the wall represents a day in the month and you can chose what colour you would like to represent your mood on a ten point scale.

Essential Life Skills (6) Mood Wall.pdf
Size : 69.893 Kb
Type : pdf

Food and Mood Diaries

Available free of charge and for using when tracking diet and mood, and how each effects the other.

Essential Life Skills (7)
Size : 50.766 Kb
Type : pdf

Spending Diary Sheets

Available free of charge and designed to help track spending over a given period. The information gathered can be used to develop a better understanding of spending patterns.

Essential Life Skills (8) Spending Diary Sheet.pdf
Size : 19.72 Kb
Type : pdf

Thought Records

Available free of charge and a useful tool to help the individual identify and challenge negative and unhelpful thought patterns.

Essential Life Skills (9) Thought Record.pdf
Size : 35.697 Kb
Type : pdf

Managing Stress

A worksheet to help you to log the things that are causing you stress, your stress levels, what you are doing to manage your stress and how effective that technique was and lowering your stress levels. There is also a prompt sheet with techniques grouped according to how they work.

Essential Life Skills (10) Stress Management Techniques.pdf
Size : 45.834 Kb
Type : pdf

Mindfulness Body Scan Colouring Page

Free colouring page to assist with a mindfulness body scan. The idea is that the individual works through their own body, focusing on one area at a time, considering how that part feels, whether it is tense, relaxed, comfortable, in pain, warm, cold, and so on. They then colour the corresponding area of the body diagram with a colour that helps represent that feeling. For instance, they may choose a blue colour for coldness and red for heat or pain. Another colour, such as green, colour represent a relaxed or comfortable state.

Essential Life Skills (11) Mindfulness Colouring Body Scan.pdf
Size : 430.322 Kb
Type : pdf

Work in Progress

This worksheet is for individuals to use as a prompt to remind themselves of the positive work they are doing to improve their situation, and opportunity to reflex and develop insight and think about the progress they have made.

Essential Life Skills (12) Work in Progress (1).pdf
Size : 86.405 Kb
Type : pdf

Healthy Habits Log

Available free of charge and can be used to help record and prompt healthy behaviours. The idea is that they will give the individual an idea of their behaviour, routines and help them to recognise any unhealthy patterns of behaviour and act as prompts to healthier behaviour.

Essential Life Skills (13) Healthy Habits Log (1).pdf
Size : 45.21 Kb
Type : pdf

Healthy Habit Log - Daily Log Sheets

If you are someone who likes to record a bit more information here's the Healthy Habits Log in daily form.

Essential Life Skills (14) Healthy Habits Log (Daily Sheets).pdf
Size : 39.854 Kb
Type : pdf

Healthy Habits Tick & Stick Sheet

Free of charge worksheet designed to motivate and support the individual in the development of new healthy routines.

Essential Life Skills (15)
Size : 47.682 Kb
Type : pdf

24 Hour Clock

Worksheet to help track your activity over a 24-hour period

Essential Life Skills (16) 24 hour clock.pdf
Size : 162.032 Kb
Type : pdf

Project Planning Worksheet

Free of charge worksheet to help with planning larger projects that might take time to complete.

Essential Life Skills (17) Project Plan.pdf
Size : 46.335 Kb
Type : pdf

Goal Setting Worksheets

Free of charge worksheets to help the individual plan, set and achieve their goals.

Essential Life Skills (18) Goals Sheet.pdf
Size : 60.181 Kb
Type : pdf

Action Planning Worksheet

Free of charge worksheet to help with action planning. The worksheet provides space for actions, any steps to completing the action, who will complete these and the time and which this needs to be done by.

Essential Life Skills (19) Action Plan.pdf
Size : 32.969 Kb
Type : pdf

Personal Wellbeing Plan

Free of charge worksheet designed to help people recognise their own personal warning signs and triggers and develop a plan that can be followed when the need arises. These plans can be especially helpful for someone who is prone to becoming overwhelmed by stress or suffers with a mental health issue.

Essential Life Skills (20) Personal Wellbeing Plan (1).pdf
Size : 56.221 Kb
Type : pdf

Creating Balance

Visual worksheet to help identify imbalances in a persons lifestyle and understand the kind of activities that can help offset those imbalances.

Essential Life Skills (21) Creating Balance (2).pdf
Size : 134.452 Kb
Type : pdf

Understanding Your Own Mental Health

A good accompanimentto the Personal Wellbeing Plan, this worksheet aims to assist the individual in developing their self awareness and understanding of what it means for them to be well and unwell. The worksheet has prompts for varous characteristics that make up a personswellbeingand give space to explore how each of these characteristics are affected by a period of unwellness.

Essential Life Skills (22) Understanding Your Own Mental Health.pdf
Size : 65.532 Kb
Type : pdf

How to Create an Emotional First Aid Kit

Simple, easy to follow instructions for creating your own emotional first aid kit.

Essential Life Skills (23) Emotional First Aid Kit.pdf
Size : 127.155 Kb
Type : pdf

Wall of Resilience

Worksheet designed to help you to think about what activities do you have in your life or would like to build into your life to help you maintain your wellbeing and manage stress.

Essential Life Skills (24) Wall of Resilience.pdf
Size : 795.825 Kb
Type : pdf

Shopping List

Simple, easy to use shopping list which the individual can print out and use as a checklist to identify items needed (and cross of anything not needed) and the as a tick list while out shopping.

Essential Life Skills (25) Shopping List (3).pdf
Size : 57.32 Kb
Type : pdf

Meal Planner

Simple, easy to use meal planning worksheet aimed to help the individual plan out their meals for the coming week with space for listing components/ingredients needed and any shopping that needs to be done for that weeks meals.

Essential Life Skills (26) Meal Planner.pdf
Size : 37.271 Kb
Type : pdf

A Beginners Guide to Facebook

A printable version of the blog posts of the same name.

Essential Life Skills (27) Facebook Factsheet.pdf
Size : 409.407 Kb
Type : pdf

A Beginners Guide to Attending a Zoom Meeting

A printable, easy to follow guide for anyone wanting to attend a Zoom meeting for the first time.

Essential Life Skills (28) Using Zoom factsheet.pdf
Size : 958.507 Kb
Type : pdf

No Cold Callers Notice

Free printable notice to display in your window to notify cold callers that you do not engage with uninvited sales persons.

Essential Life Skills (29) No Cold Calling Notice.pdf
Size : 122.833 Kb
Type : pdf

Mental Health First Aid Kit Colouring Page

Free colouring page to download, print and colour.

Essential Life Skills (30) My Mental Health First Aid Kit.pdf
Size : 274.145 Kb
Type : pdf

Thank you NHS Colouring Page

Free colouring page to download, colour and put in your window.

Essential Life Skills (31) Thank you NHS Workers (1).pdf
Size : 354.068 Kb
Type : pdf

If you've found the worksheets helpful and would like to make a donation this would be v

ery much appreciated. All donations will go towards the cost of creating more worksheets and the production of a book containing all of the worksheets and more.

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