Fitness Classes in Sioux Falls, SD - Fit Body Boot Camp (2022)


With the rising popularity of ‘boot camp’ workouts, it’s more important than ever to separate the pretenders from the real thing. To find the right workout program, you need to look for real results. With our fitness classes at Sioux Falls Fit Body Boot Camp, you get a history of success no other method can match. That’s because we use proven tactics to produce the most efficient fat loss and lean muscle growth.

We’re all about helping real people build toned bodies, and you’ll find a long list of success stories to back it all up.

Our Fitness Classes in Sioux Falls With Superior Afterburn

The most exciting thing about our unique Afterburn format is the way it provides such a massive payoff for such a small amount of your time. The days of sweating away and exhausting your body in hour long cardio sessions are over. With our format, you only need 30 minutes to unlock life changing progress! As an incredible side bonus, you also get more energy and leave each session feeling great.

The strategy uses High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) along with Active Rest Training to keep your body moving for the full half hour. This creates a dynamic where you’re working some muscles and resting others, which is proven to be the best tactic for sustainable fat loss.

You’ll experience the invigorating boost of a raised metabolism, which ramps up your energy levels and sets your body on a fat burning rampage. The slimming effects can last for up to 35 hours after you finish working out! These insane results will change your life!

Rewarding Group Fitness Classes at Sioux Falls Fit Body Boot Camp

To help you make full use of our amazing fitness classes, we deliver a great environment full of caring support. This starts with our group based routines, which bring good people from Tea, Brandon, and Sioux Falls together to share the experience and keep each other inspired. Also, teaming up means you get access to our expert coaching for a lower individual rate!

We have certified professionals running each session and providing direct instruction. They bring tons of knowledge and a passionate coaching style that’s perfect for learning. If you have questions between sessions, you can always reach our staff over Facebook as well.

We’re 100% committed to helping you thrive in our gym and beyond. You’ll also receive expert nutritional coaching to help you set up the perfect meal plan for your goals.

So join our fitness classes at Sioux Falls Fit Body Boot Camp for caring expert guidance that leads to a healthier life. Start your first class today!

Afterburn: Twice The Workout In Half The Time

Our signature Afterburn workouts combine High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with Active Rest Training to produce 30 minute workouts that burn twice the calories in half the time and keep the metabolism running at a higher rate for up to 36 hours post workout.

Compare our 30-minute sessions to other fitness classes, which typically last 45 minutes to an hour. With our Afterburn workouts, you don’t need to choose between results and convenience -- you can have both!

Research shows that shorter, more intense fitness classes (HIIT) and workouts that activate one set of muscles while others rest (Active Rest) lead to faster and more sustainable weight loss. It turns out, what’s best for your schedule is also best for your health.

Best of all, our 30-minute sessions are scheduled throughout the morning and evening to fit your schedule!

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While many fitness classes operate outdoors, we recognized early on that this leaves your workout open to way too many interruptions. An outdoor fitness class can be shut down at any moment by anything from bad weather to city restrictions on public spaces.

When we took the boot camp fitness class indoors, we took it one step further. We realized we had an opportunity to create a welcoming space and community -- a home away from home.

We recognize the courage it takes to commit to a fitness journey. That’s why we’re committed to maintaining a trendy, clean, modern space where you can bond with others on that same journey.

When you walk into a Fit Body Boot Camp, you’ll recognize in an instant that it’s more than just a fitness class. It’s a place where we recognize and celebrate each other’s victories. It’s a place where we donate to the causes that matter most to us.

It’s YOUR place to meet positive, like-minded people who will hold you accountable to your dreams and motivate you every step of the way.

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Group Fitness Classes: Get Results, Save Money

Our group fitness classes began with one simple question: How could we make the powerful results of 1-on-1 personal training available to more people?

The answer: provide the benefits of 1-on-1 training by keeping the same high quality while splitting the cost among 20-30 people per session. The key to that is our certified fitness coaches -- who are basically the ultimate version of personal trainers.

They go beyond the basics of instructing a fitness class -- they provide the personal accountability you need to reach the body of your dreams and keep it for good.

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Our fitness coaches are experts at creating weight loss results and keeping you safe and motivated both on the floor and off the floor. They don’t stop at correcting form and demonstrating exercises -- they get to know you.

They learn your unique strengths, challenges, goals, and desires. They help tailor YOUR fitness classes to your own lifestyle and needs. Even when you leave boot camp, they’re available through email and Facebook to provide healthy tips and inspiration.

Our fitness coaches strive to make every boot camp session the best 30 minutes of your day -- and they also recognize that the other 23 ½ hours of your day still count! That’s why they’ll even check in outside of boot camp to help you stay on track with your diet and healthy lifestyle.

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When you first walk into a Fit Body Boot Camp, you’ll notice right away that it’s a completely different set up than any other gym or fitness class. There’s no confusing heavy equipment. In fact, there’s not even any equipment that plugs into the wall.

All you see is simple, safe equipment that anyone can use. With the expert guidance of our fitness coaches, that’s all you need for a challenging, fat-torching workout!

See, our workouts are built around bodyweight and resistance training, and specifically tailored to be “Low Risk, High Reward.” Unlike other fitness classes that borrow effective, but potentially dangerous exercises from pro athletes and bodybuilders, we keep things simple and safe.

At Fit Body Boot Camp, we do one thing and we do it better than anyone else: we deliver weight loss results. There are no gimmicks -- just our science-backed Afterburn workouts lead by passionate fitness coaches committed to your success!

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Joni S.

With the help of Fit Body Boot Camp, I had exceeded my overall goals. I wanted to lose 30 pounds and ended up losing 37.5. My body fat percentage went from 28.9% to 18.2% and I lost 35.55 inches overall. My confidence is through the roof and I feel better about myself than I have ever before.

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Roslyn B.

At the end of this challenge, I sit here typing this having lost almost 15% of my body weight. It does not matter what I’ve lost, it matters what I’ve gained. I have started on a new journey of health and wellness.

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Janelle Dkystra

This challenge has changed my life! I lost 41lbs and 20inches in 8 weeks. I hit my goal of being able to once again say, "I've lost 150lbs!" I’ve gained so much confidence in these last 8 weeks. I feel like a new person. I’m finally starting to be proud of me and what I’ve accomplished.

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Jessica S.

As I write this note, I am down 35 pounds and 27” since the challenge started and 45 pounds since December 1, 2018. FBBC is truly a sustainable lifestyle change for me, and I couldn’t be more thankful for this FBBC family.

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Craig K.

I ended up losing 17.33% of my body weight which was 45.1 pounds and I lost a total of 37 inches! I think I am a prime example of what Boot camp can do for someone. This new year I have found my new me.

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Shanna C.

For me, it was about proving that if you put your mind to something and tell yourself you are going to do it, no one can take that away from you. Never in a million years did I think I would see the results I have achieved in the last 8 weeks.

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Shari H.

I am beyond ecstatic because here I am eight weeks later and I am down 34 pounds, 16.25 inches, and my highest percentage of body weight lost is 11.7%! Boom! How amazing is it those 8 weeks of hard work that have changed my outlook on life and the trajectory of my health towards a positive direction?

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Thidarhod Tep

Despite my surgical knee, I was able to lose 19.34% body weight and 15.5% body fat. I was able change my bad habits and turn them into a healthy long-term lifestyle. I was able to overcome mental obstacles by taking control of my life.

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Ashley D.

Over these past 8 weeks, I have become healthier, set a positive role model for my children, and gained friendships I couldn’t make anywhere else. All this happened without me even noticing. As icing on the cake, I lost 33lbs and 7.8% body fat and I’m not done yet!

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Jessi Becker

I never would have imagined that so much positive change could occur in only 8 short weeks! I went into this challenge with goals of what I wanted to LOSE (weight & inches) but rather find myself celebrating those things that I’ve GAINED. Incredible things happen when people support each other like we do at FBBC.

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