What is Spiritual Life Coaching? (2023)

Every Spiritual Life Coach will have a very different definition to what Spiritual Life Coaching is and the Client who is looking for one, needs to do a little research to find the Spiritual Coach that will best suit their needs. For me Spiritual Coaching is Simply showing each Client how to manage their own Soul, Mind & Body.

Their is Obviously a Spiritual element to this type of Coaching but not as must as it sounds. the Main purpose is to help the client recognise that we are more that just flesh and bone and have a Soul also that is ignored for the majority of the time. Life Coaches tend to be a little different to Spiritual life Coaches in this area and like focus on the Mind, Body and Changing habits. The Spiritual Coach will dig a little deeper into the heart of the client and focus on what it wants and then have the Mind and body follow its lead as this was the way it was meant to do from the Very beginning. So you could say that deeper levels are reached in what I call a more advanced Coaching Practice.

Then you arrive to the Spiritual Beliefs of each Client which is very different and none of that is altered unless the client asks for more clarity about certain Spiritual subjects that the Coach Might be able to answer from his or her own perspective. This is not a preaching exercise but a collaborative one between two people or two souls from my own Coaching perspective.

For me this is a serious business, advanced Coaching at it best as two people merged in agreement, One Gently holding that Secret Space so the other can navigate through all the old emotions and create new ones that serve them better. Once a trust is built up and there is a mutual respect for one another the client can go on to their own Core Transformation.

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Spiritual Life Coaching is not meditating all day like a guru or being on you knees paying but simply reconnecting to your Core which is your soul and thats where the magic begins. Thats all there Spiritual Practice you will ever need as you go about you Daily activities. How Simple & beautiful is that ?

How many Spiritual Coaching sessions are needed ?

If you have read the about material you will see that it all depends on the Client and the Spiritual Coach involved. If the client is ready and willing for change along with a good Spiritual Coach then things can happen quite quickly. By Quickly I mean a minimum of 3 Months to 6 Months Coaching.

You would be very surprised what comes up as a client is being Coached. It can also depend how many changes the client wants to make. Working in Bad habits for example can take some time. A Client may be looking for Complete Financial Freedom which can take years to plan. Maybe someone might wants to work on their Religious Beliefs. It all depends what the client is looking for. Another thing to consider is, are the Coaching skills up to scratch form the Spiritual Coach. Is the Coach New to the Industry or experienced? The client needs to research a little as too who resonates with them the most and who can give them the best Coaching experience.

Is Spiritual Life Coaching Suitable for Mental Health Issues ?

This is a question that comes up quite a bit in my Spiritual Coaching Practice. I seen many places advise against this and I tend to disagree a little with them. Is is a Mental Health issue or a Spiritual Health issue. I tend to go for the latter but I also Consious of it being a phycological issue. I rather speak to the client first and see for myself what could be done and how down the Person might be.

Sometimes a good chat can improve things right away along with some Self forgiveness and clearing away some of the guilt he or she might be having. Its all depends so I will,l leave that one as a yes, it can be very helpful in many cases and depending on the situation and the person I am dealing with. it would also depend on what spiritual level they might be on and whether I could work with that to begin with. If I felt that any person with a little too much under the weather then I would certainly recommend a Mental Health Professional for sure.

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What are the topics the Spiritual life coach helps deal with ?

Some may topics and endless Coaching Techniques on each and every one of them to an extent. I get enquires for topics on personal development alot, Business development is another, Finding the dream Job was one. Business Coaching, Financial freedom, All types of personal issues, grief, Guilt, Career goals, the lists are endless. The same rule applies to all of them though. The client needs to start listening to the heart and what it wants and not the noisy Ego.

My own Current Coaching practice Specialises in Spiritual Coaching, Business Coaching along finding a client's life purpose. There are so many different types of Spiritual Coaches in the coaching industry out there so be sure to find the right one for you and is interested in your own topics and intended goals. A solid coaching relationship and understanding from the very beginning is critical for the client's successful Goal Attainment.

How does the Spiritual Coaching work once a commitment is made ?

After the initial Call is made to determine whether the Client is ready for coaching and that the Spiritual Coach is suitable for the client, a set time for coaching is agreed too. This could be 3 months, 6 months or even more. Finding a life's purpose for example is a long process of trail and error and takes time to set goals, daily ritual and setting accountability tasks.

The Client has email access to the coach on a weekly basis and at the end of each week has a Live call to discuss progress and future weekly plans. Again, every Coach has their own Coaching style so this format, Custom plan, Business plan or action plans may vary from client to client.

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During the One to one session on the live call each week, the coach will use his listening skills and in some instances, readjust the client's thinking to prepare for the upcoming week. Sometimes things can happen in the client's personal, Career or even dream life that can cause some disruption so a full recall of the events is necessary before moving forward and making plans for the following week.

Each week brings its Challenges and Celebrations that can discourage and encourage while making changes. Each challenge can be discussed and altered towards success over time. Each Celebration can be intensified to make the Goal Closer to reality.

Ok Guys, I hope you enjoyed that and get a better insight into what exactly is involved in Spiritual Life coaching. From my side of things I get to meet some easy great people and love following their Journey.

If you like what I have written and feel comfortable speaking to be about having a session or session with me then I would love to hear from you.

Please feel free to read my other blogs that have lots of information on how to make little adjustments on your life.

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What is spiritual life coaching? ›

Spiritual coaching is a way to involve a spiritual element to the traditional coaching relationship. A spiritual coach will guide their clients to find inner happiness, peace and harmony while supporting them on their journey to finding their own sense of wholeness.

What are the benefits of spiritual coaching? ›

They help you connect with a deeper meaning of the world and of life in general. Spiritual life coaches help you find a deeper purpose and what it is that you love to do most. They work on helping you find balance so that you and those around you can benefit and thrive just by doing the things that you love every day.

What is the role of spirituality in your life? ›

Spirituality recognises that your role in life has a greater value than what you do every day. It can relieve you from dependence on material things and help you to understand your life's greater purpose. Spirituality can also be used as a way of coping with change or uncertainty.

What qualities makes a good life coach? ›

Life coaches need to be approachable, personable, friendly and helpful. They should be enthusiastic, empathic and have a sense of humour and patience. Possessing these qualities are important in helping coaches to gain new customers, but also new business contacts.

What is spiritual life in simple words? ›

Spirituality involves the recognition of a feeling or sense or belief that there is something greater than myself, something more to being human than sensory experience, and that the greater whole of which we are part is cosmic or divine in nature.

What is the difference between normal life coaching and spiritual life coaching? ›

Coaching, in general, is all about looking within, building confidence and finding the motivation to realise your dreams. Spiritual coaching looks at forces both internally and externally to help you get there. The aim is to align your inner resources to allow you to reach your goals and achieve transformation.

Why do I need a spiritual life coach? ›

It's crucial for clients to identify how they see their world in order to create their ideal world. In this way, a spiritual life coach helps clients get to know their true self and make choices and decisions that are fully in alignment with what they truly want.

What problems do spiritual life coaches solve? ›

A spiritual coach is someone who helps you connect to who you truly are. They work with you to change/re-direct/navigate your life, uncover your desires, take steps towards your goals, achieve your dreams, bust limiting beliefs, and remove roadblocks.

What is the purpose of spiritual? ›

Spirituality is about seeking a meaningful connection with something bigger than yourself, which can result in positive emotions, such as peace, awe, contentment, gratitude, and acceptance.

What is the full meaning of spirituality? ›

1. relating to the spirit or soul and not to physical nature or matter; intangible. 2. of, relating to, or characteristic of sacred things, the Church, religion, etc.

What is spirituality in daily life? ›

Although it's hard to give it one definition, essentially, spirituality means concern for the human spirit or soul instead of material things. However, spirituality as a living practice can mean so much more. Spirituality is a journey, and like many journeys taken in life, everyone's path can and will be different.

What is the most important thing as a coach? ›

The most important attribute of any coach is that they want to help the person or people they are coaching to learn. A good coach doesn't see themselves as an expert able to fix all problems and having all the answers. Instead, they see themselves as supporting the process of learning.

What knowledge does a life coach need? ›

Life coaches need to be able to communicate well on a range of levels. Great communication does not stop with conversation. It also applies in written communication as well as visual and non-verbal communication. Clarity has to be your baseline on all levels for you and your client to be on the same page.

What are three top characteristics of great coaches? ›

A successful coach is always focused, supportive, observant, passionate, a pellucid communicator, and goal-oriented.
  • 1) Expertise. Coaches are to be well-conversant with their domain and assigned tasks. ...
  • 2) Enthusiasm. ...
  • 3) Curiosity. ...
  • 4) The Ability to connect with People. ...
  • 5) Presence. ...
  • Conclusion:
13 Feb 2021

What are spiritual values short answer? ›

Spiritual values in the creation of meaning included building a source of energy, development and hope linked to mutual giving and taking, helping and being helped. Having the energy and strength to struggle helped the suffering patient to maintain her/his dignity as a human being [39].

What are the 3 elements of spirituality? ›

The shamans, healers, sages, and wisdom keepers of all times, all continents, and all peoples, in their ageless wisdom, say that human spirituality is composed of three aspects: relationships, values, and life purpose.

What is a fair price for a life coach? ›

Cost of Life Coaching

The typical range for personal life coaching is from $75 to $200 per hour, with an average cost of $120 per hour. Many coaches offer packages, such as $300 per month for four 30 minute sessions.

What is a holistic spiritual life coach? ›

A spiritual coach is someone who helps guide you to reconnect with yourself and do some self-discovery. They utilize a very holistic approach to helping you achieve your goals and take down barriers you may not even know you have.

Why do we need spiritual needs? ›

Spirituality is an integral component of healing. It is a source of strength in the presence of distress. It is at the heart of our well-being and enriches all the aspects of our life: physical, mental, emotional, and relational.

Why do we need spiritual care? ›

Spiritual care has positive effects on individuals' stress responses, spiritual well-being (ie, the balance between physical, psychosocial, and spiritual aspects of self), sense of integrity and excellence, and interpersonal relationships (1).

What are examples of spiritual issues? ›

The signs and symptoms of spiritual distress include:
  • Feelings of anger or hopelessness.
  • Feelings of depression and anxiety.
  • Difficulty sleeping.
  • Feeling abandoned by God.
  • Questioning the meaning of life or suffering.
  • Questioning beliefs or sudden doubt in spiritual or religious beliefs.
  • Asking why this situation occurred.
10 Oct 2018

What a life coach Cannot do? ›

Difference Between a Life Coach and a Therapist

While working with a life coach may help you to deal with certain unresolved issues, life coaches cannot treat mood disorders, anxiety disorders, addiction, or any other mental health condition. Therapists have a degree and are licensed mental health professionals.

How can we improve our spiritual life? ›

8 ways to boost your spiritual health
  1. Connect with your faith community. According to a Gallup study, 43% of Americans say they belong to a church or other religious body. ...
  2. Volunteer or help others. ...
  3. Practice yoga. ...
  4. Meditate. ...
  5. Keep a journal. ...
  6. Spend time in nature. ...
  7. Focus on your hobbies. ...
  8. Speak with a chaplain or someone you trust.
26 Jun 2021

Who is spiritual person? ›

Being a spiritual person is synonymous with being a person whose highest goal is to be loving to oneself and others. His/her conviction that we are all One, motivates him/her to work for everyone's welfare and stay away from any harmful activities.

What are the four benefits of spirituality? ›

In addition to providing meaning to your life, spirituality has the potential to improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Those who are more religious or spiritual are better able to cope with stress.

What are the 4 types of spirituality? ›

Kees Waaijman discerns four forms of spiritual practices:
  • Somatic practices, especially deprivation and diminishment. Deprivation aims to purify the body. ...
  • Psychological practices, for example meditation.
  • Social practices. ...
  • Spiritual.

What are spiritual qualities? ›

Spiritual qualities and assets.

“Spiritual assets” refer to qualities that enable us to do what is right and good – for ourselves and for others. It can be seen in what we say and do – our acts of compassion, mercy, justice, and other similar ways of being in world.

What are the 4 components of spirituality? ›

The basic characteristics of spiritual health are as follows: proper lifestyle, connection with others, asking about the meaning and purpose of life, and transcendence (4).

How do I build spiritual practice? ›

Make contemplative practice a part of your everyday life
  1. Take yoga class or practice chair yoga at work.
  2. Dedicate 15 minutes each day to writing in a journal.
  3. Listen to a guided audio meditation.
  4. Join a spiritual community, such as a church, prayer group, or meditation center to share a contemplative experience with others.

What are the seven spiritual needs? ›

Spiritual needs are those needs for our life to have meaning and purpose:
  • Forgiveness.
  • Reassurance.
  • Acceptance.
  • Hope.
  • Peace.
  • Giving thanks for the goodness of our life.

What are the 5 skills of coaching? ›

5 Essential Skills for Successful Coaching
  • Listen with Curiosity. When we speak about listening with curiosity, we're talking about conveying a genuine interest in what others are saying. ...
  • Take in What You Hear. ...
  • Reflect with Accuracy. ...
  • Questioning for Exploration. ...
  • Provide Feedback for Development.

What are the 5 main characteristics a good coach should have? ›

5 Traits of a Good Coach
  • They master the art of “active listening” ...
  • They're willing to share skills, knowledge and expertise. ...
  • They act as a positive role model. ...
  • They focus on helping others to “problem solve” ...
  • They value ongoing learning and growth.
4 May 2020

What are the 3 important aspects of coaching? ›

Three Critical Elements of Coaching
  • Element 1 – Prepare Your Questions. A coach needs to prepare the questions before a coaching session. ...
  • Element 2 – Question with Respect. Coaching must be approached from a position as equals when meeting about the problem. ...
  • Element 3 – Actively Listen to the Reply. ...
  • In Conclusion.

What kind of person is a life coach? ›

They act as accountability partners, holding their clients to their commitments to help them achieve their greatest lives. Life coaches are not therapists nor are they mentors. Instead, a life coach is a guide that works with clients to make the best decisions for their lives so they can get what they want.

Can anyone be a life coach? ›

You don't need any specific degree or education to become a life coach. But a background in psychology, education, wellness, or even business — and/or a coaching certification from an accredited training program — can give you credibility and make you more marketable as a coach.

How should a life coach prepare for a session? ›

Here are a couple of ways a coachee can make the most out of a coaching session.
  1. Identify your goal(s) and/or area of focus. The most important thing is to have a focus area and set goals to work toward with your coach. ...
  2. Keep a journal. ...
  3. Be open. ...
  4. Be prepared to be challenged. ...
  5. Expect change.
22 Aug 2018

What are 5 responsibilities of a coach? ›

A great coach will serve many roles: technical supporter, motivator, leader, psychologist, and maybe most importantly, as a role model for the athlete to follow in the competition arena as well as out. Well developed coaches will understand their various roles as it pertains to their overall program.

What are the four key coaching skills? ›

To execute the three plays, great coaches hone a set of four core communication skills: asking effective questions; actively listening; giving competent, relevant feedback; and confronting.

What are the 7 qualities of an effective coach? ›

  • An effective coach is positive. ...
  • An effective coach is enthusiastic. ...
  • An effective coach is supportive. ...
  • An effective coach is trusting. ...
  • An effective coach is focused. ...
  • A good coach is goal-oriented. ...
  • An effective coach is observant. ...
  • A good coach is respectful.

How much does a spiritual life coach cost? ›

Coaches usually charge between $200 to $500 per month. Top coaches who work for CEOs and executives charge as much as $3500 per hour. Most coaches' hourly rate falls between $75 to $200 per hour.

How much is a spiritual life coach? ›

Established coaches generally charge between $100 and $200 per hour, and some charge even more. Rates can depend on many factors.

Why is spiritual learning important? ›

The purpose of spiritual education is to fulfill the divine potential of children, and to prepare them for life by giving them the tools they need to keep on learning throughout the many experiences that will come to them.

Do spiritual coaches make money? ›

Many of my own coaching students earn more than six figures (while working less than they used to in their 9-5), so it's all about what your income goals are. And a 6-figure income could be closer than you might think. A good place to start price-wise is to charge $1,500 per client for a three-month coaching package.

How do spiritual coaches get clients? ›

“The best way to get your first coaching clients is to tell some friends what you're up to and would they like to do a session. Then at the end either sign them up or ask if they know anyone who could get value from your coaching. Friends are always the easiest way to start.”

What should I look for in a spiritual coach? ›

How to find a life coach that you truly connect with.
  • Authenticity. Without authenticity, trust can not be built. Without trust, there is no relationship. ...
  • A voice. This doesn't mean your coach should be loud. ...
  • Confidence. If your life coach does not have confidence, you will not trust her.
18 Jul 2017

How do I start a spiritual life coaching business? ›

How to Start a Spiritual Coaching Business
  1. Step 1: Become a Certified Spiritual Coach. ...
  2. Step 2: Choose Your Spiritual Coaching Business Name. ...
  3. Step 3: Choose A Niche. ...
  4. Step 4: Create A Business Plan. ...
  5. Step 5: Develop Your Methodology, Techniques & Tools. ...
  6. Step 6: Create Offers and Pricing. ...
  7. Step 7: Design Your Spiritual Coach Logo.

How long does it take to become a spiritual coach? ›

On average, most coaching programs require you to complete between 40 and 160 hours of work in order to gain ICF certification, which usually takes between 6 to 12 months to complete. Of course, this range of time hinges on whether you are receiving a base-level certification or chasing an advanced one.


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