Where To Work Out In LA - Sweats + The City (2022)

Hey Guys! Dale here! As someone who frequents LA, I receive tons of questions from you guys wondering where to sweat it out while there.

I love LA for many reasons, one of them being they have some of the BEST places to sweat – dare I say even better than NYC!? Generally, the studios in LA have an overall brighter vibe and they’re also the first to see some of the most innovative machines. Additionally, there are tons of 30 minute express workouts; great for when you want a short sweat to compliment a hike, or are just in a time crunch (isn’t this always the case?!)

Without further adieu, here is a breakdown of my fave classes in LA … you won’t see your usual SoulCycle or Barry’s on this list!

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I always make time to pop into PlateFit when I’m in LA – and yes, it’s only a 30 minute workout! The whole class is done on a vibrational plate (or next to it), which might look crazy at first, but I swear it’s super easy to use. It makes every single pulse, move, or even flinch feel 10x harder due to the vibration. To be fully transparent, the first time I tried this class I was a bit thrown off by these – but after my second try I was totally hooked. I’ve been more times than I can count and even brought my boyfriend to an abs class … which he absolutely felt! I love that this studio offers everything from Barre Fit, Recovery Fit, Ab Fit, HIIT Fit to Regular Plate and Deep Stretch (+ more). It’s also great because if you’re going todo back to back classes, you can get two completely different workouts. Feeling a cardio and barre mix? No problem! It’s also on ClassPass.

Locations: Brentwood, Studio City, West Hollywood.

Body By Simone

Long and lean is the name of the game here and we love the BBS vibes, especially in WeHo. They offer tons of classes, which are often a dance-cardio + sculpting hybrid. I always know when I go to BBS that I’ll leave feeling great afterwards. This studio gets so much light and I love how friendly and outgoing all the instructors are. Not a dancer? Don’t worry, neither are most people in class! They incorporate simple-to-follow moves, and they offer many classes that don’t have any dancing at all (including Trampoline Cardio). On ClassPass!

Locations: West Hollywood, Brentwood

Playlist Yoga

Playlist defines cool. It’s a yoga studio that is exclusively “beats” driven … aka, you can depend on the fact that you’ll be flowing to a solid track. And, it doesn’t hurt that they have a DJ controlling the music. They’ll bump everything from hip-hop to classic rock here, because sometimes the sound of nature just doesn’t cut it. Even the lockers are named after rockstars and pop-artists. We also love that you can book your mat in advance, so you won’t worry about getting a bad spot if you’re not 10 minutes early. It’s a definitely must try! It’s also on ClassPass.

Locations: West Hollywood

Lagree Fitness

I love Lagree … it’s consistently amazing everywhere I travel! LA has something special called the Lagree Supra Class that we need to talk about. I am not kidding, this is some of the toughest stuff I have EVER done. Lagree is the inventor of the megaformer machine, aka the OG, and they are the only studio with the new Supra Machines that are controlled by the instructor (each machine has 5 iPads connected … not exaggerating). The instructor will have you doing regular moves on the Megaformer, except it will be moving on inclines and side-to-side, which can make holding on the biggest challenge of all. I am seriously blown away by anyone who can do this class back-to-back because I struggle getting through the first 4 minutes! Socks are required. On ClassPass!

Locations: WeHo, Westwood

Eden Sassoon Pilates

I’ve tried a ton of traditional reformer classes, and in my opinion, none beat Eden Sassoon’s. It hits all the elements of a reformer studio: pretty, clean, inviting and seriously challenging. And yes, that’s Eden Sassoon who was previously on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I really recommend this studio, regardless of your Pilates level! On ClassPass.

Locations: Beverly Hills, The Glen Centre

Core Power Yoga – WestWood

I know there are Core Power’s all over the country, but I absolutely fell in love with this location specifically! I find it to be not as packed as many others, and the workout is SO tough and SO on point. Core Power Yoga Sculpt is my favorite … think yoga meets fast paced barre with weights. This place will have you sore in all the right places for days.

Locations: Nationwide!

Rise Nation

Another 1/2 hour workout that needs to stay a 1/2 hour workout because it’s THAT hard. RiseNation is a full body workout on the versaclimber, and it will turn your body into jello after (but in the most amazing way possible). Think SoulCycle, but on a Versaclimber machine instead of a bike. A must try! On ClassPass.

Locations: WeHo.


Want something v different and fun? We’re talking different workout, but in a very different type of location! This workout does not take place in a studio, but in the owners home! She has a studio in her backyard, and although I was super confused about this at first (no warning … lot of shock!) I absolutely fell in love with the class and vibe. The workout style is trampoline sculpting and I can tell you, it was one sweaty situation.

Location: Central LA

Hot 8 Yoga

If you’re looking for a classic hot vinyasa flow – Hot 8 is always a solid choice. It’s challenging and calming at the same time, and, it definitely has an upscale, crisp vibe. When it comes to yoga, I need to be in an amazing environment, and this one hits the spot for me. On ClassPass!

Locations: Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Koreatown


NYC may be the original location, but the bright and sunny vibes in this studio make this one a serious upgrade! Many people are initially confused by ModelFit, as it’s not your typical sculpting workout. That being said, I have no doubt that it’s a highly effective sculpt. This studio offers sculpt and cardio classes and incorporates tons of props and equipment. The sculpting is made up of of small, precise movements, requiring tons of balance. The cardio classes are dance inspired, yet easy to follow. I especially love seeing the instructor Keely when I go! Oh, and it’s on ClassPass!

Locations: WeHo


This Santa Monica boxing spot is definitely one to hit up (no pun intended) if you’re in the area! Some of the most motivating and inspiring instructors that make this workout both fun + challenging. It’s on ClassPass.

Locations: Santa Monica

LIT Method

There is no method out there like the LIT method, which is why it’s on the list! It’s a class that leaves you feeling like you did a HIIT workout, but it’s actually low impact?! (I know, confusing!) This class has a mix of rowing + TRX, and it will absolutely give you a full body tone and cardio workout. There are no weights, no jumping, and no running either. It’s on ClassPass!

Locations: WeHo


Bunda may be new to the scene, but trust me when I say they fit right in! They’re known as “the home of the better butt” and they not only have a signature butt + legs workout , but also an arms + abs. What’s cool about this workout is there’s a stair master segment (and I’m OBSESSED with these because they have built in fans), where you’ll do a lot of regular steps, side stepping, leg lifts, etc. The floor work is all done in your individual station, which is equipped with props, a mat and a special Bunda bench. I really recommend checking this studio out! It’s also on Classpass.


Carrie’s Pilates Plus

If you’re familiar with Lagree or SLT, this class offers exactly that. It’s on the megaformer in a big, bright studio in the middle of WeHo. It’s incredibly challenging, and it’s on ClassPass (win, win, win!).

Locations: WeHo.


If there was a barre pageant, Physique 57 would definitely be crowned winner. If you’re looking for a solid barre spot that will burn your thighs, glutes and abs better than anywhere … Physique is the spot for you. We love that it’s located in the center of Beverly Hills, so we can hit up the Alo Store after and La Scala for lunch! It’s on ClassPass.

Locations: Beverly Hills


The NY celebrity hotspot finally made its way to LA (and we can only imagine the attendees in the WeHo location). If nightlife had a workout studio, Rumble would be it – I mean, the owners of Catch are behind this one, so it only makes sense. Definitely hit up this studio if you’re looking for a workout that will give you the scene just as much as the sweat.

Locations: West Hollywood

What are your fav LA workout spots? I’d love to know!

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